Gattaldo as Zorro

That's me on the far left in my Zorro costume on my sister's birthday

It's important to know who's behind a website so I thought I'd introduce myself.

My name is Gattaldo

* A box camera is a simple type of camera, a box with lens on one side and film on the other. Its viewfinder is usually at the top.

Book me

It's possible to book the following sessions with author and illustrator - Gattaldo.

Monkey selfie

True or False?

Presentation | Ages - 7 to 10 | Time 45mins

Media literacy plays an important part in children's education. Gattaldo's presentation asks children to question the information presented to them in the media and equips them with some of the tools to do that.

The presentation starts with a fun game and familiarises children with the various type of deceptions they might encounter and what they can do to recognise them.

Gattaldo will also sign children's copies of 'Fearless, The Story of Daphne Caruana Galizia'.

Sleeping Beauty

How to write a news report

Workshop | Ages - 7 to 10 | Time 1hr

A fun workshop in which children learn media-literacy through role play. Using drama strategies, Gattaldo uses a revised version of the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty as a tool.

Through asking questions, children learn how to respond to journalism in critical and creative ways.

If you are a teacher looking to improve your class media literacy in an interactive way, this workshop offers your class valuable insights and resources.

Children can win a signed copy of 'Fearless' in a follow-up competition.


Illustrating books

Presentation | Ages - 7 to 12 | Time 1hr

After this workshop's success at the Malta Book Festival, author and illustrator Gattaldo has held this popular workshop at schools.

A workshop in which participants are encouraged to connect visuals to words, and work towards a deeper understanding of narrative and its emotional message.

‍A whiteboard, paper and colours for the session must be provided by the school.

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